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Ostrich Meat

....is low-fat, with two thirds less fat than beef & half the fat of chicken
....is low calorie, with fewer calories than beef, chicken or turkey
....is a red meat, comparable to beef in iron content
....is tender, beef tasting & has a unique appeal for the epicure
....is a healthy alternative to traditional meats
....can be substituted for red meat in any conventional recipe
....is easily prepared by homemakers
....rivals other meats in taste, texture & ease of preparation

Ostrich is a red meat, very similar in taste and texture to beef.  Ostrich is much lower in fat and cholesterol than beef and is actually slightly lower in fat and cholesterol than either chicken or turkey while being higher in protein than all three.  The American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association have both recommended ostrich for its health benefits.

We raise our ostrich on our own farm in Andover, New Jersey. Our feed program is based on organic alfalfa and corn, with no antibiotics or growth hormones ever, ever used.  An all-natural product!  These birds are free roaming until they are 10 to 14 months old, producing the most tender and delicious meat available.  Our ostrich has won numerous culinary awards for "outstanding quality."

Each adult bird yields approximately 75-90 pounds of meat, which comes primarily from the upper leg, back and thigh muscles.   Leg muscles are primarily used for Ostrich Burgers and upper muscles are used in steaks & fillets.

As with most cuts of very lean meat, ostrich is best cooked quickly over very high heat to seal in the juices.  Cooking more than medium rare is not recommended.


Ostrich Steak (6 oz. portion)
Code: SK6-FF-06Z-FS
Price: $14.00
Quantity in Basket: none

6-ounce ostrich steak Our most popular item! Pre-portioned 6-ounce ostrich steak. One 6-ounce portion per package. 
Remember to cook rare to medium rare.


Ostrich Egg Shell - Blown out
Code: OEGG
Price: $27.00
Quantity in Basket: none

Looking for a fun & interesting arts and crafts project for you or the kids?
Try decorating an Ostrich egg! Makes a great show-and-tell piece.


Ostrich Steak (8 oz. portion)
Code: SK8-FF-08Z-FS
Price: $15.00
Quantity in Basket: none

8-ounce ostrick steak Pre-portioned 8-ounce ostrich Steaks. One 8-ounce steak per package.  
Remember to cook rare to medium rare.


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